Lullabies for a Lost Baby – Extended Epilogue


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Several Years Later

The snow fell softly outside the window, blanketing the landscape in a peaceful white. Inside the cozy cabin, the warmth of the fire contrasted with the chilly winter air, creating a perfect atmosphere for Christmas celebrations.

Amelia and Eliza were busy adorning the Christmas tree with colorful baubles and twinkling lights, their children running around them with excitement. Amelia’s daughters, Elizabeth and Pearl, giggled as they hung ornaments, while Eliza’s children, Willow, Matthew, and their youngest, Janey, joined in the festive fun.

As they worked, the women chatted animatedly, reminiscing about their shared adventures and marveling at how much their lives had changed since their days in Goldstone. Amelia’s husband, Cassidy, and Eliza’s beloved Sam sat nearby, engaged in their own conversation by the crackling fire.

“I can’t believe how fast the years have flown by,” Amelia remarked, pausing to admire the tree. “It feels like just yesterday we were chasing after outlaws and dreaming of a better future.”

Eliza smiled, her heart overflowing with gratitude for the life she had built with Sam and their growing family. “Indeed, it does. But I wouldn’t trade this life for anything. I feel truly blessed.”

Just then, as they finished decorating the tree, Eliza noticed a small, beautifully wrapped present tucked beneath its branches. It stood out among the others, adorned with a delicate bow and no name tag.

“What’s this?” Eliza wondered aloud, reaching for the mysterious gift. She turned it over in her hands, feeling a surge of anticipation.

Amelia glanced over, her eyes sparkling with curiosity. “It must be from Willow’s special godmother,” she suggested with a knowing smile.

Eliza’s heart swelled with affection as she thought of Hannah, the woman who had changed their lives all those years ago. “You’re right,” she agreed, her voice soft with emotion. “Willow always looks forward to her presents and letters from her godmother.”

With a sense of reverence, Eliza carefully placed the gift beneath the tree, knowing that it held a special significance for her child. She couldn’t help but feel grateful for the mysterious benefactor who had brought so much joy into their lives.

As the children gathered around the tree, their eyes wide with wonder, Eliza couldn’t help but feel a sense of contentment wash over her. In that moment, surrounded by loved ones and filled with the spirit of the season, she knew that she was exactly where she was meant to be.

As they settled down to enjoy the warmth of the fire and the company of family, Eliza couldn’t help but offer up a silent prayer of thanks for the blessings that had been bestowed upon them. For in this humble cabin, amidst the beauty of the winter landscape, she had found her own piece of heaven on earth.

As the evening wore on, the cabin was filled with the sound of laughter and merriment. The children played games by the fire, their joyous voices ringing out in the cozy space. Meanwhile, Amelia and Eliza worked together in the kitchen, preparing a feast fit for a king.

As they chopped vegetables and stirred pots on the stove, their conversation turned to the memories they had shared over the years. They spoke of their adventures in Goldstone, the trials they had faced, and the triumphs they had celebrated together.

“Do you remember the day we first met?” Amelia asked, a nostalgic smile playing on her lips. “I never could have imagined back then that we would end up here, living these wonderful lives.”

Eliza nodded, her heart swelling with affection for her dear friend. “I remember it like it was yesterday. You were the first person to truly welcome me into town, and I’ll never forget that.”

Their conversation was interrupted by the sound of footsteps approaching, and they turned to see Cassidy and Sam entering the kitchen, their faces flushed from the warmth of the fire.

“Smells delicious in here, ladies,” Cassidy remarked, his eyes sparkling with anticipation. “I can’t wait to dig in.”

Sam nodded in agreement, his gaze lingering on Eliza as he crossed the room to wrap his arms around her waist. “You’ve outdone yourself, sweetheart. I don’t know how I got so lucky to have you.”

Eliza leaned into his embrace, feeling a surge of warmth spread through her at his words. “I’m the lucky one,” she whispered, pressing a gentle kiss to his cheek.

As they all gathered around the table to enjoy their meal, Eliza couldn’t help but feel a sense of overwhelming gratitude for the family they had created together. In that moment, surrounded by the people she loved most in the world, she knew that she was truly blessed.

And as they laughed and shared stories late into the night, Eliza couldn’t help but feel a sense of wonder at the journey they had been on. From the dusty streets of Goldstone to the warmth of their cozy cabin, their lives had been filled with love, laughter, and countless blessings.

As she looked around at her family, her heart swelled with pride and joy. She knew that they had everything they could ever need to live a life filled with happiness and love. And as they toasted to their blessings and shared in the joy of the season, Eliza couldn’t help but feel a sense of peace settle over her soul.

The following morning dawned crisp and clear, with a fresh blanket of snow covering the landscape outside. Inside the cabin, the family gathered around the breakfast table, their faces flushed with excitement for the day ahead.

As they ate, the children chattered excitedly about their plans for the day, their eyes shining with anticipation. Amelia and Eliza exchanged amused glances, marveling at the boundless energy of youth.

After breakfast, the family bundled up in their warmest coats and scarves, preparing to venture outside into the winter wonderland that awaited them. Sam and Dale set to work clearing a path through the snow, while the women gathered the children and prepared for a day of outdoor fun.

Soon, they were racing down the hill behind the cabin on sleds, shrieking with delight as they zoomed through the snow. Amelia and Eliza watched from the sidelines, their hearts full as they witnessed the joy on their children’s faces.

“They’re growing up so fast,” Amelia remarked, her voice tinged with nostalgia. “It feels like just yesterday they were babies.”

Eliza nodded, her gaze following her own children as they tumbled in the snow. “I know what you mean. Sometimes it feels like time is slipping through our fingers.”

As they watched, they couldn’t help but feel a sense of wonder at the passage of time. It seemed like only yesterday that they had been young women, setting out on their own adventures in the Wild West. And yet here they were, mothers now, with families of their own to care for and cherish.

But amidst the laughter and the snowball fights, there was a sense of sadness too. For they knew that life was fleeting, and that moments like these were precious and rare. And so they resolved to cherish each and every moment, to hold onto the memories they were making with all their hearts.

As the day wore on and the sun began to set behind the mountains, they returned to the warmth of the cabin, their cheeks flushed and their spirits high. Inside, a fire crackled in the hearth, casting a warm glow over the cozy space.

They settled in for the evening, savoring the simple pleasures of family and home, and Eliza couldn’t help but feel a sense of contentment wash over her. Surrounded by the people she loved most in the world, she knew that she was exactly where she was meant to be.

As the evening drew to a close and the children were tucked into bed, Amelia and Eliza found themselves sitting by the fire, savoring a moment of quiet together. The flames danced merrily in the hearth, casting a warm glow over the room as they shared a pot of steaming tea.

“It’s been a wonderful Christmas,” Amelia remarked, her voice soft with contentment. “I’m so grateful for moments like these, surrounded by the people we love.”

Eliza nodded in agreement, her gaze drifting to the presents nestled under the tree. Among them, she spotted the special gift for Willow, wrapped in delicate paper and tied with a satin ribbon. It was a tradition that had begun years ago, a reminder of the bond they shared with a special godmother who had entered their lives in the most unexpected of ways.

“Willow will be thrilled when she opens her present tomorrow,” Eliza said with a smile. “She looks forward to it every year.”

Amelia nodded, her eyes sparkling with affection. “It’s amazing how much she adores her godmother, even though she’s never met her in person.”

Eliza’s smile widened as she reached for the small stack of letters that accompanied the gift. “She treasures these letters almost as much as the presents themselves. They’re like a lifeline, connecting her to someone she holds dear.”

Together, they reminisced about the day Hannah had entered their lives, a chance encounter that had forever changed the course of their destinies. They spoke of the trials and tribulations they had faced together, and the unbreakable bond that had formed between them in the process.

As they sat there, wrapped in the warmth of the fire and the love that surrounded them, Eliza couldn’t help but feel a profound sense of gratitude for all that they had been given. She knew that it wasn’t the material gifts that mattered most, but the love and connection they shared with one another.

As the fire crackled and the warmth of the hearth enveloped them, Eliza felt a gentle hand on her shoulder. She turned to see Sam standing beside her, his eyes soft with affection.

“Thank you for everything,” he said, his voice filled with emotion. “For giving me a home, for giving me a family, for giving me your love.”

Tears welled up in Eliza’s eyes as she reached out to take his hand in hers. “I could say the same to you,” she replied, her voice trembling with emotion. “You’ve given me more than I ever dreamed possible. You’ve given me a love that knows no bounds, a love that has carried us through the darkest of times and brought us into the light.”

Sam’s gaze never wavered as he leaned in close, his lips brushing against hers in a tender kiss. 

Lost in each other’s embrace, the fire burning bright and the stars twinkling overhead, they knew that their love would endure for all eternity, a beacon of hope and joy in a world filled with uncertainty.

For in the end, it was love that truly mattered, love that had brought them together and love that would carry them through whatever trials lay ahead. And as they looked forward to the future, hand in hand and heart in heart, they knew that their journey was only just beginning.


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37 thoughts on “Lullabies for a Lost Baby – Extended Epilogue”

    1. I love all your books. They are hard to put down. You have quite an imagination. Each story is different but similar. I just don’t know how you do it but I enjoy each book I have read. Thanks. Barb Richter

    2. The story of Eliza, an orphaned young girl, raised by the woman who adopted her from an orphanage and the story of Sam, a man whose wife and child were murdered by an outlaw, merged together in a love story with the discovery of Willow, a baby left in Elizabeth buggy. The child was from a young woman who let the very same outlaw trick her into a fake love. The story tying all these characters together was thrilling and very addictive to read. I read this as an ARC and enjoyed it very much.

    3. I Really Enjoy This Book From Start To Finish The Love Everyone Had For Each Other. Everyone Working Together Making Every Thing Come Out Right At The End.

    4. Loved the story about the lady who went to the orphanage and adopted a young girl to be a companion. The same orphan ended up raising a baby who had been left by her mother. All the characters found love.

  1. What a lovely story! I enjoyed every moment. I feel like I know the characters

    all so well .
    I loved Sam & Eliza & precious Willow .
    Thank you 4 sharing your talents!
    Blessings 2 You!!!!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m thrilled to hear that you enjoyed the story and connected with the characters. Your support means the world to me. Blessings to you too!

  2. Oh Ellen, I love losing myself in a good book! And this was a great story. All the love and good winning over bad. Eliza and Sam are so perfect together. Their hurt in their lives prior to knowing each other just led them to beat the hurt by loving each other. Such a good time I’ve had with them. Thanks

  3. Ellen, you are so talented . I loved every moment of this book. It is beautifully written. Thank you.

  4. This is a heartwarming story that everyone should read. It shows what compassion and a sense of charity can do. There is sadness, murder and outstanding love which makes everyone stay interested.

  5. Thoroughly enjoyable read. Lots of twist and turns, humour and quiet reflection. Very much enjoyed

  6. I
    Really enjoyed reading this story so late gknight, I didn’t want to stop reading it was that good. I love adoption stories, falling in love excitement, anxiety this story HaD it all. I recommend everyone reading this story. Thanks, Martha

  7. This story touched my heart and soul. The world needs more people like Miss Margaret and her love and strength.
    Adoption is a beautiful thing when done from the heart.

    The extended epilogue brought a special bond between the writer, the reader and the characters in this story. I loved this.

    1. Thank you so much for your heartfelt words! I’m thrilled to hear that Miss Margaret’s story resonated with you. Adoption truly is a beautiful testament to love and strength. Your connection to the extended epilogue means a lot to me.

  8. Ellen,One of your best books yet,loved Eliza and Sam and Willow and their added additions Matthew and Janey.Also best friends Amelia and Cassidy and their sweet children Elizabeth and Pearl.Also Miss Margaret who if not for Elizabeth life would not had evolved as wonderfully as it did.loved the one part where Eliza called her mama and Miss Margaret fell to pieces,because of her totally mother’s love for her sweet companion. You woven so much love into your story with Willows birth mother and how they stay connected through the years. The only way for me to described this beautiful story is by calling it Love,Charity and Hope!!!!! Thank you Ellen,Barbara

    1. Thank you so much, Barbara! Your heartfelt words truly mean the world to me. I’m thrilled you found so much love and connection in the story of Eliza, Sam, Willow, and the rest of the characters. Your support is invaluable. Wishing you all the best!

  9. I enjoyed reading this book. The book had a lot of comical situations in it, which I appreciate. The book was easy to read and I didn’t want to stop reading it. Although, there were some situations that were like duh, don’t do that, and of course, the character did it.

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