The Healing Power of Time – Extended Epilogue


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A few years later

The sun was setting on the horizon, bathing the vast expanse of the shared ranch in hues of orange and pink. Samuel Bennett, now a seasoned rancher, stood at the edge of the wooden porch of their homestead, his gaze lost in the beautiful canvas that the sky presented. His fingers traced the familiar, warm texture of the wood on the porch rail, proof of the years he had spent building and living in this haven.

His attention, however, was captured by the sight of his beloved wife, Eliza Williams, or Running Willow as she was known to her tribe. She was bustling about in the open space, coordinating the preparations for the grand gathering that was about to take place. Her hair was pinned back, leaving a few errant locks to dance in the cool evening breeze, and her cheeks glowed with a warmth that could rival the setting sun.

“Pa, is Ma going to make the apple pie for tonight?” A small, excited voice broke his reverie.

Turning around, Samuel was met with the eager faces of his two children – Little Sam, his namesake with his wide, inquisitive eyes, and Rose, their lovely daughter, named after the wild roses that grew abundantly in their lands, her eyes as vibrant as her mother’s.

“She surely is, my darlings,” he answered, ruffling Little Sam’s hair and kissing the top of Rose’s head. “Just like she does every year for the peace gathering.”

Just as the words left his mouth, Eliza turned and their eyes met across the vast yard. Her lips curved into a sweet smile, the kind that still made his heart flutter, just like the first time he saw her all those years ago. It was a stark reminder of how far they’d come and the harmonious life they’d built here, amidst the vast wild west.

The children, taking his words as a signal, rushed off in the direction of their mother, ready to badger her with their eagerness to help and taste the renowned apple pie. Their innocent laughter echoed across the ranch, filling his heart with a profound sense of contentment.

Looking around, Samuel took in the transformation of their ranch. Once a place that bore the scars of brutal attacks, it now served as a symbol of unity and peace. It was their safe haven, a melting pot of cultures and traditions that Eliza and he had nurtured with their love and understanding. The evening was young, and the preparations were in full swing for the upcoming gathering, the fifth anniversary of the successful peace negotiation.

As the shadows lengthened and the sky darkened, the ranch began to fill with people. The townsfolk arrived in their wagons, bearing food and drink, their faces lit with merriment. Not far behind, the members of the tribe joined them, their children running about and their women carrying pots of their traditional dishes.

Samuel stepped off the porch and moved towards Eliza, sliding his arm around her waist. Together, they watched as their dream of unity and peace unfolded in front of their eyes, their hearts filled with pride and fulfillment.

“There’s not a day I don’t thank the heavens for bringing you back to me, Eliza,” Samuel murmured, his voice thick with emotion. “This… all of this wouldn’t have been possible without you.”

“Without us, Samuel,” she corrected, leaning into his embrace. “We did this together.”

Their peaceful interaction was disrupted by the thunderous sound of hooves approaching the homestead. As they turned, they saw a group of tribal horsemen approaching, with Running Deer leading the group. He had grown from a lanky young man into a respected tribal leader. His stern face broke into a smile as he saw Samuel and Eliza standing together.

The community watched with bated breath as Running Deer dismounted his horse, carrying a wrapped bundle in his arms. He approached the couple, his eyes reflecting the pride and respect he held for them. The children, Little Sam and Rose, scampered over to their parents, their eyes wide with curiosity.

Running Deer started speaking in his tribal language, his voice reverberating across the hushed gathering. The translator, a wise old woman from the tribe, conveyed his words to the townsfolk. “Samuel, Eliza, five years ago, you brought peace to our lives. You joined two worlds together, creating a unity we never thought possible.”

His words drew nods of agreement from the crowd. Running Deer then unwrapped the bundle in his arms, revealing an intricately designed ornamental peace pipe. Its surface was adorned with tribal symbols and patterns, beautifully carved and painted.

“This pipe,” he continued, holding it out to them, “is a symbol of our unity and friendship. It signifies our tribe’s acceptance of your bond and gratitude for your efforts. From today, it will also serve as a reminder of the peace you have helped foster.”

The crowd erupted into applause as Samuel and Eliza accepted the peace pipe. The moment was filled with reverence and profound gratitude, etching a memory in everyone’s heart. Little Sam and Rose clapped their small hands, their innocent faces beaming with pride for their parents.

As the applause died down, a feast was laid out. Tables creaked under the weight of the sumptuous dishes that the townsfolk and the tribe members had prepared. Laughter and chatter filled the air, along with the tantalizing aroma of food.

Eliza, with her children clinging to her skirts, moved around serving the delicious apple pie she had baked. Samuel, with the peace pipe in his hand, talked and laughed with the townsfolk and the tribe members. It was a perfect picture of unity and peace, just as they had dreamed.

The night was filled with celebrations. Children ran around playing games, men boasted of their hunting exploits, and women shared stories of their daily lives. The tribal members showcased their traditional dance, and in return, the townsfolk taught them a lively jig. Samuel and Eliza watched it all, their hearts swelling with happiness.

Following the exchange of dance and merriment, a lively banter began between a few of the ranch hands and some of the braver tribesmen about who could stay atop Rainbow, Samuel and Eliza’s now well-aged but spirited horse, the longest. A friendly wager turned into a spontaneous rodeo event, much to the delight of the community.

“Y’know, I think ol’ Rainbow still got some spark left in her,” said Pete, one of Samuel’s ranch hands, nudging his friend. The crowd erupted in laughter as he was bucked off rather unceremoniously. Even Rainbow tossed her head, as if sharing the amusement.

In response, a young brave from the tribe, a lad barely in his teens but with a fire in his eyes, approached. He spoke in his tribal language, his tone challenging. The translator, still chuckling from the previous event, translated his words, “I think I can ride this horse.”

The crowd roared in anticipation, making way for the brave. He approached Rainbow respectfully, whispering to her in his language. The spectators watched in awe as the horse, which had unseated so many riders before, seemed to settle under his touch. With grace and agility, the young brave mounted the horse, who pranced a bit but didn’t buck wildly like before.

A hush fell over the crowd as they watched the pair. Rainbow, moving in rhythm with the boy’s commands, circled the area, a wild and beautiful sight under the setting sun. A breathless cheer rose from the community as the boy completed his ride without a single hitch.

Eliza looked over at Samuel, her eyes sparkling with joy. “That’s the spirit we’ve fostered, Sam,” she said, her voice choked with emotion, “not just peace, but a sense of understanding, respect, and unity. Look at them… our dream, it’s alive.”

Samuel, with a tear twinkling in his eye, pulled Eliza closer, his heart mirroring her sentiment. “It sure is, Eliza… It sure is.”

The rest of the night was filled with further stories, shared experiences, and unity, as everyone basked in the heartening amalgamation of cultures, marking the successful conclusion of the memorable event. It was a reaffirmation of Samuel and Eliza’s dream, a testament to the power of understanding, that shaped a better future for everyone.

As the events of the day wound down, Samuel and Eliza sought refuge from the excitement, making their way back to their porch, each cradling a sleeping child in their arms. The house, once a humble homestead, had grown alongside their family, bearing witness to their journey and providing a backdrop to their thriving life. Under the wide expanse of the twinkling night sky, the couple found solace in the serene silence, broken only by the distant echo of lingering festivities.

They nestled into each other, forming a perfect tableau against the starlit canvas. Eliza’s head rested against Samuel’s shoulder, her eyes reflecting the sparkling heavens above, while their children, the embodiment of their love and shared heritage, slept peacefully in the protective cocoon of their parents’ embrace.

In the distance, the silhouette of their thriving ranch, illuminated intermittently by the jovial campfire, stood as a symbol of unity and acceptance. The sounds of laughter, singing, and music, now a gentle, soothing lullaby, reached them as whispers on the wind, filling their hearts with overwhelming joy.

Silence stretched between them, a comforting silence filled with shared memories and mutual understanding. Their journey had been a challenging one, laden with obstacles and trials. Yet, their shared vision and relentless determination, strengthened by their profound love for each other, had guided them towards this remarkable fruition.

Breaking the comfortable silence, Samuel spoke, his voice a tender rumble in the quiet night. “What a journey it has been, Eliza,” he mused, his eyes glistening under the celestial light as he looked out towards their dream made reality.

Eliza’s smile was soft, imbued with love and a sense of accomplishment. She nestled further into him, her voice a content sigh in the cool night air. “And it’s just the beginning, Samuel. We still have many more dreams to fulfill. For our children. For our community.”

He nodded, the corners of his mouth turning upwards as a determined look swept over his features. “Yes, we do. And I believe, together, we can achieve anything.”

Their ranch, a shared sanctuary of peace and unity, their beautiful children who were a living testament to their love and resilience, and the harmonious coexistence between the town and the tribe were their cherished legacy. They had not only created a life of love and contentment but had also blazed a trail for a future where love and understanding were boundless, transcending cultural and societal boundaries. The echoes of their tale reverberated through the community, a beacon of hope and a testament to a world where harmony between differing cultures was not just an exception but the norm. As they sat on their porch under the star-studded sky, their hearts brimming with love and pride, Samuel and Eliza knew they had indeed carved out a piece of their dream in the heart of the West.


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51 thoughts on “The Healing Power of Time – Extended Epilogue”

    1. Wow, Ellen! What a wonderful story and the hope it made me feel. If only people all over the world would take it to heart! I started this book right after I downloaded it and found that I couldn’t put it down until I read the last words of the extended epilogue. Crowning achievement for you! I loved the book!!!!

    2. Beautiful thrilling story.! I so enjoyed reading this book! I love that it was not the same old trite ending! Thank you for writing such a good entertain book!

    3. It was one of the sweetest books I’ve ever read.
      I wish we could use this today and apply it to our lives.
      We can all live together peacefully if we tried.

    4. I loved the story of Samuel and Eliza. How their child friendship had grown. As adults their memories brought sadness, hope and love to them❤️🖤

    5. Loved the story, very good read but would have liked God to be included as it is Christian fiction! He should be the focal point. Like God made it all possible!!!

      1. Thank you for the feedback, dear Sharon! My novels are not categorised as Christian though, I tend to write Western Romances, than particularly Christian romances set in the historical West.

    6. I loved the extended epilogue!!!! What a wonderful time for the settlers and the Indians!! I truly wish this had been the way of real life!!!

    7. Thank you for sharing your talents! I had trouble putting down my phone. Spent the hole day reading. It is a great book, everyone needs to read. Our world could use their example about getting along.

    8. I really loved this book. It had Indians fighting, people dying , and then working together. It’s a perfect book.

  1. This is a great book. Best I have read in a long time. Looking forward to more of your books. You have a great talent and I praise God for that.

  2. Wow this was a page turner. It was filled with so many different emotions, hope, sadness ,desperation, and so much love. Can’t wait for your next book.

  3. What a wonderful story about blending communities together. Yes there was war and tragedy but with the help of kind and giving hearts a treaty was reached. A well written plot with awesome characters.

  4. This was one of your best books in how you wove a beautiful story bringing two peoples with two different cultures into forging peace with stubborn and fearful people. I could have read on and on.

  5. This is the best book I’ve read in a long long time. Absolutely loved it!! Now I’ve got to get busy around this house because I got to reading this book and I just couldn’t seem to put it down! Loved it!!

  6. I love stories about Indians, my husband is part Cherokee, he is a very special man.

    This was a very heart-wrenching, but beautiful story. Samuel and Eliza, went through so much together.

    It was amazing how Eliza helped Samuel to see things through the Indians’ eyes and peace prevailed, as did love ❤️.

    The extended story proved what I’ve known all along, people of all races can get along IF they would truly work together for peace and unity.

    Excellent Story!!!

  7. Truly enjoyed this book. I am of from a family 0f several different nationalities one of which is American Indian and it meant a lot to me to read this book. I love books that are of historical nature and about life in those times.
    Thank you for a really sweet read.

  8. This book shared a great example of what would have such a life changing effect on the human race and that being listening instead of jumping to the wrong conclusion, working together to make a change for the good of all. It started out with such tragedy but because Eliza was willing to forgive and was able to help Samuel have a change of heart instead of revenge, peace resulted. Thanks for a wonderful story.

    1. Thank you for your insightful review dear Shannon! It’s heartening to hear that you appreciated the message of listening, forgiveness, and working together for the greater good portrayed in the book.

  9. My thoughts , while reading this lovely story, were similar to what Starr wrote. I have said many times if the people moving West would have taken the time to meet and somehow talk with the Native Americans and tried to understand they were fighting for their land whereas the pioneers thought they were fighting for their land there would have been less fighting, killing and hating and shared as in this story. As far as the scalping, though none in this story, it is my understanding that scalping started by the whites when a bounty was put on an Indians head and all the scalper had to do was kill the Indian and to prove he killed one was to turn in his scalp and he was paid. It was someone’s way of getting rid of the Indians much like when the wonderful government had the beautiful buffalo/bison exterminated so the Indian would be forced to reservations which was on land the whites did not want unless it turned out to be better than was thought ( gold & etc.) then the Indians were moved to another bad land. Sorry, I really get upset about what they went through. I am a decendant of the Cherokee. My great-grandmother whom I knew well was Cherokee. Thank you for an excellent story.

  10. I enjoyed this book so much! I am native American and I like that the Indian characters were kind, compassionate human beings yet showed they would fight to defend their people. Excellent reading!

    1. I’m delighted you enjoyed the book! It’s wonderful to hear that the portrayal of Native American characters resonated with you, showcasing their kindness, compassion, and resilience. Thanks for sharing your positive feedback!

  11. I loved this book and couldn’t put it down. It’s amazing how well we can coexist with people of another culture if we take time to understand their needs and customs. Thanks for sharing your book with us and demonstrating how to get along by considering what both sides need and how we can accomendate those needs.

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